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torrilin's Journal

9 November 1977
Knitter, spinner, computer game modder, chemistry student. Lazy cook. Now found in Madison, WI, the land of too much snow, tasty cheese and lousy potato chips. But, there are sheep. I do not have a camera, so I try to paint pictures with words instead.

I get around mostly by bike, buses and walking. This makes me into more of a hippy-dippy screaming liberal than I would've been otherwise. It's really important to care for our public spaces, and it's hard not to care when a clogged storm drain soaks your feet. I also like nature a lot, and getting to see a hummingbird or a weird bug in what looks like a sea of concrete is a lot of fun. It's a puzzle to figure out where the food is, and it's let me find a lot of very pretty yards and streets.

The big lake is Lake Mendota. I haven't biked around it yet. The medium sized lake is Lake Monona. I've biked around it often. The small lake is Lake Wingra, and I've biked around it even more... the University Arboretum wraps much of the way around it, and it's a really pretty ride that also takes me past my favorite grocery store.