Emily (torrilin) wrote,

Chicken cobbler

Chicken Cobbler from Mark Bittman.

If you've made chicken soup from scratch ever, this is an improv template. My attempt today "failed" in that it wasn't actually chicken cobbler. So here's what I did, and how I plan to fix it for next time... there will be a next time.

I roasted a kosher chicken for lunch a few days ago. As soon as the carcass was cool, I stripped it of the meat we had not eaten. I basically had just over one chicken breast's worth of meat. I plonked the bones into a large saucepan, and added water to cover. I simmered it gently, until I had a very clean stock, and stuffed it in the fridge.

Today, I fished out the meat and stock. I was pleased, because the stock was very gelatinous and thick, so it was just this side of pourable. Poured it out into a measuring cup, and found I had a touch over a pint. I mixed in the recommended amount of thickener, and then stirred in the vegetables. I used lima beans, peas, onion and a shallot, on the grounds that we like them and we have them on hand. I added a shot of sherry for flavor. I minced the roast chicken. I added pepper and thyme. Poured into a casserole dish, and and added cobbles. I baked it in about 35 minutes, with somewhat lower heat than I would ordinarily use.

The end result was the broth was too liquid, and a tad light on vegetables. I should have used more thickener, and a couple carrots, a celery stalk, or other vegetables would not have gone amiss. If you add vegetables that take long cooking, you probably want to par-cook them in the sauce. The quantity is about right for feeding 4 adults, with no leftovers. I would not want a whole lot more meat.

It definitely can stand to have a salad and biscuits on the side. If you do that, it might well feed 6. Pretty efficient way to make roast chicken last for a lot of meals. Means I might be able to regularly squeeze 12 servings out of a roast chicken.
Tags: chicken, cobbler, sauce, thyme
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