Emily (torrilin) wrote,

more self-assessment

I'm poking around at http://www.twohundredsquats.com/ (and the various related stuff). Initial squat test was 47. Clearly, leg strength is not a huge issue for me. It might be worthwhile working on their program, but I think I'll get more gains from working on plies and eventually grande plies in all the ballet positions. Working on turnout forces me to work the small stabilizing muscles that are the cause of a lot of my lingering knee issues. Once I can do 10 plies with correct form in all 5 ballet positions, it might be worth using their guidelines to improve.

For crunches, I managed 22. Core strength is clearly an issue. But I also did the test yesterday and shouldn't have. I think I'll just work on doing 10-15 crunches a day for a week or two, and give myself an off day before re-assessing.

For pushups... 42 wall pushups. I'm stronger than I thought upper body wise. That's a good enough result that I should re-assess on Friday, using knee pushups.

On the sun salutation poses... it's probably time to add in upward dog. That means downward dog, the lunges, and plank are the remaining tough bits. I kind of think I shouldn't add lunges until my plies are pretty well in place, since a big problem in lunges is not having much stability.
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