travelling woman redo

I have 160 stitches. I think. I can't count.

Stitches are on lifeline. Now I go check help files on pattern.

ETA: After further consultation, there is a spreadsheet. With further counting, I have 50 rows. That is correct for starting the lace. So the error is I did something dumb somewhere and got an extra stitch in. Somehow. It mathematically has to be on the right side, so I will sneak a decrease in on that side as I set up the lace. (it has to be on the right side because I've counted stitches twice and gotten the same results both times... the right side has 80 stitches up to the center stitch, and the left side has 79 stitches + the center stitch. I've also got 25 yarn over holes along the center stitch, which means I basically did the centering correctly.)

ETA2: Except no, I can't count. I am on a right side row. According to the pattern, I should be on a WRONG side row. Which means I have 158 stitches... Augh! Also, if you're picking up stitches, it really helps to *not* start picking up so that they end up with the working yarn clunked against the knob on your straight needle. Yes, Travelling Woman is small enough to be done on straights. Trivially.


Somewhere in here, I will finish the Norwegian Star + taradiddle part of the design. I probably should sit down and sketch things out so I can have my asymmetric zig-zag show up nicely without having to rip back. The zig-zag is also going to need a taradiddle, and I can't quite see in my head what I've got to work with.

(for the curious, I'm taking the star from here. The seeded band would be a taradiddle in my book... but I used that idea elsewhere since the dubbelmossa design doesn't need decreases any time soon.)


Hrm. The taradiddle I'm doing is wrong to flow nicely into the zigzag in terms of visual weight. Bother. Maybe if I make the zigzag 3 wide instead of two?

The other design issue is somewhere in here, I'm going to be in an acid green section of Kauni. Somehow, I don't think dark purple is the ideal contrast color for acid green. Available options are fuschia, navy, teal blue, handspun grey shetland, burgundy, or I could finish the brown handspun shetland. I could have sworn I had pale blue around here, but stash tossing hasn't turned it up. Wrong value for the acid green anyway.

You can have a *lot* of fun with a single ball of Kauni :)

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Figured out how to make Imagemagick do a batch conversion of files from JPEG to PNG. Woo!

Chris and Anna offered me a ride to the UW butcher shop. The meat stash is improved, and Chris helped me with the dread problem of "I can't count". I've now got numbers on how the viewfinder compares to the LCD using a brick wall. He also gave me a very useful idea for photographing the viewfinder's size. Take a piece of 8.5*11 paper, adjust things so it totally covers the viewfinder, take shot. The area that isn't paper is excess coverage. Anyone who says you don't need math for art is on some REALLY good drugs.

So the next step is to use the data to figure out how much to crop off. Then, I figure out an Imagemagick command line, and I can automatically crop to the viewfinder image.

composition exercises

When I got tinycamera, I made up a list of stuff to work on. Mostly, it was composition exercises. This is my two week evaluation.

I did a lot with line. The big area where I'm falling down with line is "curved lines", since nearly all my favorite pictures with a line focus have straight lines. Suggestions for good curved line exercises are welcome.

I did a lot with repetition. A lot a lot a lot. Not shocking in a fiber artist. I haven't managed anything here I'd think of as clever, but I will persevere.

I've done a lot with value and contrast. It's an area I can stand to work on more, but I am getting much better at identifying pictures that can work.

I've done a lot with framing. Most of the pictures that make it to Picasa are not cropped. If I have to crop it, I think about 3 times before I put it up. Right now there are 3 cropped pictures out of 29 where I *had* to crop it for the shot to work. There's nothing wrong with cropping, but most of the time I'm taking pictures of yarn, knitted items, or landscape. I don't have a lot of excuses for getting the framing wrong on stuff that's not moving :D. I'm still really bad at it, but the more I practice the better I get.

I've done a lot with texture. There are some textures I need to work on capturing, but I've also got some good shots of stuff I hadn't even thought of trying.

My sense of perspective is getting much better. I am making fewer stupid mistakes. I haven't managed any photos where the perspective has a layered or medieval illumination feel... I've seen it done, so I'll keep thinking about it and trying stuff. Depth and proportion, ditto. I haven't managed any of the intentional fails that I want on those, but I will.

Big fails: hue. shape. negative space. balance. I have some ideas on tackling these, but I've had a lot of fail on actually doing it. Suggestions on where to go to tackle one of these ideas or things to try or cluebats of "you're already doing this doofus" are all welcome. (pictures of yarn or knitting do not count for these unless I'm designing a still life... so far all fibergeek pictures have been product photography)

Smaller fails: motion. harmony. direction. These are small fails because I have no freaking clue how to approach them. Ideas welcome.

good tired

Skating was educational. I knew a lot of the muscles that work to stabilize my legs were weak. I didn't realize *how* weak. Basically, every muscle that works along my inner thighs and calves is just not there. I can make them do very simple things in ice skates, mostly off muscle memory. But anything more complex than front inside edge is almost beyond my strength. This explains a lot about why walking has been so tiring.

So my sister and I brainstormed exercises this morning. Today will be a rest day (meaning I should walk the camera, but not do a whole lot else). Tomorrow, I see how much I can do where my legs aren't bearing full body weight. Then I have a starting point.

Oh. And if you didn't know this, there's a muscle that wraps around where your spine and pelvis hook up. It stabilizes your hips when you walk. It hurts today.

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No, I haven't gone crazy. I just am having a fit of SAD fueled need for color, and orange is a lot more tolerable on a computer screen than in my clothes.

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Talked to mom and dad last night :). Got a bunch of pictures on yesterday's walk, some more successful than others... the day's theme was texture.

I am grumpy because normal shutdowns in Ubuntu 9.10 lead to an AWFUL lot of fsck running on reboot, and an awful lot of my OS muttering that there were errors in the shutdown. Even more annoying, I'm having total X freezes happening on an almost daily basis... if the uptime gets long, odds are I get a total freeze (no kb input, no mouse, input, sound system freezes on about a 500ms loop). This can't be good for the filesystem, since I can't get out of it except via a hard power-off.

1. I need to figure out what log files will let me see how things get unmounted at shutdown

2. I need to look for what is or isn't getting unmounted

3. I need to run a filesystem check on all the linux partitions to see if I can find out what is wrong.

4. I need to figure out how to catch the X crashes in the log files

5. If there's a repeating pattern, I need to figure out how to bug report it. (related, figure out if I can catch it with apport)

It's warm and sunny today, so I need to do more walking the camera.

in which a fibery education is useful

Yesterday, I spilled Bill's coffee on the sofa. We examined the situation, and decided to wash the affected cushion's slipcover, since that had absorbed almost all the coffee. The sofa has no care instructions. To my hand, the fabric is obviously synthetic, tho I'm not sure what kind of synthetic. The piping is filled with plastic tubing. The stitching is failing. Ok, so machine wash is out, since we have no idea at what temperature the stuff melts and we don't know what stress it can take. It's definitely not the kind of fabric that dissolves in water, or the original spills would've destroyed it.

Right. Handwash in the bathtub. The initial wash we were overly timid on soap. The following two washes, we were much more generous (after it was clear that the dye wasn't being ruined by dish soap). That slipcover was FILTHY. Then a rinse. We decided that a *cold* machine dry was probably worth it, on the grounds of we like having a sofa. It worked. Unfortunately, it was now very clear that we *have* to was all the slipcovers.

We're on wash number four of another set of slipcovers. I have some hope that we won't need wash five.

Also, I'm saving up for a new sofa. And we're putting washing slipcovers on the list of things that need to be washed annually because OHMIGHOD these are scary dirty.

abnormal lentils

Take some red lentils. Start them cooking with a glaze of olive oil, salt, and enough water to make for lentil soup.

Take some lamb that's tender enough to eat rare, and fry it up with a teriyaki type glaze. (mine was based on what vaku calls sweet soy sauce, balsamic vinegar and lemon)

Once the lamb is cooked, peel it off bones (if applicable), and slice it thin.

Zest and juice a lemon into the lentils.

Toss some sweet pepper bits at the lentils.

Toss generous helping of mild salsa at the lentils.

Dump in the lamb.

Serve with grape tomatoes on the side, because you have them.

ETA: Aesthetically, Bill would prefer more Italian in feel and less Greek. I would like to push it more Greek. This suggests it'll split into two versions.